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Baby Makes Surprise Entrance In McDonald’s Parking Lot

When a baby is ready to be born, there is often no stopping it. That is what happened to one new mom when her new arrival decided not to wait until she could get to the hospital, can came in a nearby McDonald’s parking lot.

Candice Mockobee was at work when she went into labor. Working at a Holiday Inn Express, the mom-to-be called her parents to help drive her to the nearest hospital. The baby, however, had different plans, and Candice soon found herself in the final stages of labor. The family pulled into a nearby McDonald’s parking lot, where the baby was born a few moments after.

Little Jacilyn Farmer was not due to arrive until December 17, but Candice began feeling strong contractions and knew she was not going to wait. The birth lasted 10 minutes, with Jacilyn arriving before she even knew what was happening.

“I felt the push and I was like whoa! She was in my pants leg and I said what am I going to do?!” she said.

County Sheriff Detective Randy Chapman arrived on the scene first and helped wrap the newborn in blankets until paramedics could arrive. Despite the interesting beginning, Jacilyn is healthy and doing well. Her parents and siblings are excited about the new little girl in their family. Her parents are already planning how to celebrate her first birthday party.

“McDonald’s will be her first birthday party!” she says.

Mother and baby will be home from the hospital on Thursday. – Summer, staff writer

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