CB2 Child-robot with Biomimetic Body' Weird Stuff

"Baby Robot" Disturbing

Japanese scientists Minoru Asada and Hiroshi Ishiguro (who famously created an android twins of himself), designed a robot called CB2 that weighs 33kg and stands 130cm tall.

It is covered in a grey putty-like silicone skin and the baby bot can roll around, ‘speak’ and even take a few steps if encouraged enough.

It has 197 tactile sensors embedded in its outer layer and 51 compressed air-powered actuators, which allow it to react to touch.

When CB2’s shoulders are tapped, it blinks as if surprised, stops moving, and turns its gaze toward the person who touched it. It will also try and grab a toy dangled in front of it.

Future research at the Japanese Science and Technology Agency in Osaka will attempt to improve the body functions of CB2 – whose full name is ‘Child-robot with Biomimetic Body.’

They also want to write software allowing it to walk and talk like a three-year-old.

It is not it’s purpose that disturbs me, but it’s appearance. I can’t believe that they can design such an intelligent robot and not make it not look creepy. The least they can do is make it’s ‘skin’ flesh coloured. There is video on Youtube that I didn’t post because it is in Japanese and the robot really just babbles like a baby.


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