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Baby Shocks Family By Breathing Just Moments Before Burial

A premature baby, believed to be stillborn, shocked her family when she ‘gasped to life’ while relatives were carrying her towards a cemetery.

It all started when a seven-month pregnant Aruna Gaikwad, 30, was admitted to Sion Hospital on Sunday afternoon with convulsions and high blood pressure.

“She came in with convulsions and after examination we put her on anti-hypertensive therapy. We gave her medicines to induce labour as is the procedure when the mother is convulsing,” said a gynaecologist.

The baby was delivered at 7.21 pm on Monday after just being inutero for 32 weeks.

“She had no fetal heart sounds during delivery and her body was limp. As per our records, she was declared stillborn and a death certificate issued,” said Sion Hospital acting dean Dr Suleiman Merchant, adding that the baby was handed over to relatives after two hours of observation.

After the baby began to breathe, she was rushed back to the hospital, where she has been kept in the NICU. The baby, who weighs 1,400 grams, is critical and is on a ventilator.

As an explanation, Dr Merchant said the heavy medicines given to the mother could have suppressed the preterm child’s heart beat and she may have come back to life four to five hours later as the effect of the drugs wore off.

You really do wonder how this could happen???



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  • Didn’t anyone attempt to resuscitate this poor baby at birth? I am so glad she took a breath BEFORE they buried her. The Lord must have been looking over this child!

  • This sounds a little fake.
    Supposedly the baby was born just before 7:30 p.m.
    Then, the relatives observed the baby for a couple of hours. One doctor’s comments are that the baby might have come around after 4 or 5 hours?
    Since when do you take a baby to a cemetery for burial at…what — 10, 11, or 12 midnight?
    No one does that! Something is wrong with this story.

  • If she was 32 weeks, why did not they try resuscitating her? That is horrible. I would sue the doctors and hospital if that was the case.

  • you people should click the Source link. you would have been able to read this part of the article:

    Independent experts TOI spoke to said that a neonatologist should always attempt to resuscitate a stillborn child on such occasions.

    “Prima facie, there is evidence of negligence and we will conduct an independent inquiry,” said Dr Merchant.

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