Baby Showers – Gifting Outside of the Box

I like going to baby showers to see what the latest trends are in baby gear, toys, fashion and gadget gift giving.  Plus it is always fun to chat with the ladies.  At a recent shower I attended the present opening was like a broken record, as I watched the mom-to-be open the same gifts over and over.  Baby towels, receiving blankets, washcloths and sleepers are all items you do need multiples of and, don’t get me wrong, they come in some pretty trendy and chic patterns these days but how about some variety?

Thinking back to my baby shower some of the unique gifts I received were: a gift certificate for a pedicure, Little People play-set for when my son got older (clothes and toys for later are always a nice surprise to pull out of the closet when the time comes) and cash to start a savings account for my little one on the way.  Plenty of people will give the essentials as well as the latest cute baby items, so why not be a little different and try one of these ideas out:

  • Something to pamper Mom – a spa gift certificate or a gift basket of pampering essentials
  • Photo memories – photo shoot with a local baby photographer or gift card to a photofinishing website
  • Music – lullaby version CD of the parents’ favourite music artist
  • Team spirit –bib, pacifier, onesie, sleeper or feeding set sporting the parent’s favourite team (always a hit with Dad!)
  • Entertainment – a  pass to a local mom and baby play place or music group (great if you have a baby so you can do something together)
  • Help – meal delivery, dry cleaning or yard care certificates (anything to help the parents enjoy more time with their little one)
  • Go green – a starter kit of all natural household cleaning products including laundry soap for the piles of laundry that will soon build up

Next time you are invited to a baby shower think outside of the box and see what ideas you can come up with.  Remember, if you just can’t resist picking up a package of washcloths or some rattles go for it – you might need something to attach the gift card to. – Lisa F, Staff Writer

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