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Baby Waiting For Heart Surprises Doctors By Surviving Off Life Support

Theo Davis, from Keswick, Cumbria, has hyperplastic left heart syndrome, which means he was born with half a heart.

He has had five operations and been given just two weeks to live without a new organ.

He recently amazed doctors by coming off his life support machine and breathing on his own, giving him more time to live. Parents, Rebecca Giles and Ryan Davis said they were delighted with their son’s progress.

Dr Richard Kirk, a consultant paediatric cardiologist, urged people to consider becoming donors.

He said: “No-one can ever know if they are going to be in a situation where their child’s life is threatened.

“They could even be asked to consider letting their child be a donor. We would urge people to think about that and those kind of issues well ahead of time. This would be very helpful.”

“Theo has had to fight all his life – he was born with only half a heart so one side has had to fight for the other side and he has surprised all the doctors, ” he added.

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