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Bathtime Fun: RubaDub Buddies

If you’re a parent you’ve probably owned a hooded towel at some point – most likely one of those thin little hooded towels that hardly dry your baby off… you know the ones that your child is too big for by the time they reach 6 months of age.  If you know what I’m talking about (and I’m sure you do) I have found the solution for you!

RubaDub Buddies makes the most adorable hooded towels geared towards infants, toddlers, and children.  Their designs include everything from puppies and monkeys to flowers and princess towels.

Founded by mama of six children (that’s right I said six!), Janel, the RubaDub Buddies  designs came inspired through her children who helped pick out petal colors, how many spikes and fins and even how many dots a ladybug should have.  Each Buddy has its own personality and a bright-eyed child brings them to life.

Janel has come to learn that her creations are not limited to hooded bath towels. They include the smiles on the faces of a grandma, mom, nephew, daughter, or friend who enjoys these loveable Buddies!

I LOVE these hooded towels.  In particular the dog hooded towel is just adorable.  The big ears and the distinctive spots make it even more adorable.

I’m always looking for unique, cute birthday party and baby shower gifts and as a parent I would be beyond excited to receive one of these for my little one.  The fact that each Buddy can be personalized makes them that much better – think of swimming lessons or pool parties or even going to the beach – your child will have his/her own unique towel with their name right on it!

Rub-A-Dub Buddies was recently featured as an Etsy Featured Seller!

Each of the buddies is made from 100% cotton, they are very generously sized (suitable for kids 0-7), are thick, plush and super soft making them one of my personal favorites!


GIVEAWAY:  RubaDub Buddies is offering ONE Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win one of their great hooded towels! 
Congratulations to our winner:  Shayna!!

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