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Big Boy/Girl Bed

Between the ages of 18 months to 2 years your child will start to be too big for their crib. If they can get out of their crib than it’s time for a toddler bed. This is a big step so here are some tips to make the transition easier.

  • Let her be involved in picking out the new bed and if possible, let her pick out some new bedding with her favorite characters on it and then put these on her new bed. put the new bed in her room for a few months to help her get used to it
  • start her bedtime routine in her new toddler bed and then, if she wants, move her to her crib when she is finally ready to go to sleep.
  • let her take her daytime naps in the toddler bed
  • take as many things from her crib and continue to use them in her bed and as part of her bedtime routine
  • let her sleep on the crib mattress on the floor for a few nights
  • move the new bed into the position in the room that her crib was in, but you would likely have to take her crib down first

Here are some safety issues to consider:

  • Make sure the bed is sturdy and not in danger of collapsing. Periodically, check the joints, especially if your child jumps on his bed or if you’re using a metal-framed bed, in which screws are more likely to jostle loose.
  • Choose a toddler bed that is low to the ground. It’s easier for your toddler to get into, and, should she fall out, the distance to the floor is not great and chances of injury are slim. Place a rug or other padding along the side and open end of the bed for added protection in cushioning falls. Some parents choose to place a futon or mattress directly on the floor at this stage rather than using a toddler bed.
  • Choose a bed to which guardrails can be easily attached.
  • Choose a simple design. The best bed frames have simple, nonornamental, head- and footboards without cutouts or protrusions
  • Place the bed safely in the room. Be sure to place your toddler’s bed safely away from windows, heating units, wall lamps, and drapery and blind cords. To avoid the risk that your toddler could become trapped between the size of the bed and the wall, place the bed with the headboard, rather than the side, along the wall.



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