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Boston Terrier Saves Baby From Drowning

Tyson the Boston Terrier is probably getting the royal treatment in Florida after he helped rescue a baby from drowning in a family’s pool.

Dog owners Whitney and Brook Michael Lovatt were inside their home with Whitney’s sister, Amy Kelaidis, when they heard Tyson barking outside near the pool.

After following Tyson’s persistent barking, Brook reportedly found Kelaidis’ 10-month-old son, Lios, floating face down in the pool with blue lips and closed eyes.

Lovatt, a licensed boat captain, performed rescue breathing on the child. He was breathing independently when paramedics arrived and was released from Martin Memorial North Medical Center Tuesday.

It always amazes me how loyal dogs are. When we first got our new puppy, she would sleep under our son’s crib and growl at us if we came in while he was sleeping.



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