Boys and Dolls

I consider myself an open-minded mom and that is why I decided to give my son a doll to play with the other day.

At Christmas I bought a doll for a family member’s daughter, but haven’t had the chance to see them so it was still in my closet. (I know, bad me!)

While rummaging through my closet, my son saw the doll and asked me to open it for him to play with. At first I said no, but after his repeated requests, I thought what could be the harm?

Once open, I was surprised at how interested he was in the ‘baby’ (we are not calling it a doll, it is a baby). He kept it fed, rubbed it’s back and referred to it as a baby all day. Just before nap time, he placed it on a pillow in his crib so that it could sleep with him.

Seeing all of this made me forget that boys are not supposed to have ‘dolls’.

Then I realized – this mentality is flawed.

Boy or girl, every child should have the opportunity to experience the other side. It is what makes a well balanced child.

I feel that playing with the baby gives us the opportunity to teach him how to be gentle to a smaller, more vulnerable creature. In turn, I am hoping that this skill will be transferred when I have my next real baby.

*Coincidentally, Melissa Joan Hart showed up to an event last week with son Mason carrying a doll. *


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