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Breast Feeding Advice ‘Is Ignored’

It is well known that the best food for your baby in the first few months of life is breastmilk. I post the MANY benefits of breast feeding on the site regularly.

With that being said, fewer than one in a hundred women follow government advice to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months, figures show.

The Infant Feeding Survey shows in 2005 76% of UK mothers started out breastfeeding – up 7% from 2000.

However, most resort to formula within weeks, and fewer than half still breastfeed by the time their child is six weeks old.

By six months, just one in four are still breastfeeding.

The survey, which has been carried out every five years since 1975, also found that well educated, professional women aged over 30 who were first time mothers were the most likely group to breastfeed.

Professor Denise Lievesley, of the Information Centre, which produced the study, said the overall message was positive as more women were breastfeeding for longer.

She said the survey would help health workers to target resources at those on which they would have the most impact.

“Overall, it is encouraging to see that more mothers than ever before are starting out breastfeeding their babies and, while there is a sharp drop-off, more are continuing to breastfeed for longer.”

More new moms need to have an open mind about breastfeeding. Just because your mom didn’t breast feed you doesn’t mean that you can’t nurse your baby.


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