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Brian and Jenny Masche Talk About ‘Raising Sextuplets’

This Thursday night WE TV gets in on the ‘mega multiple’ hype with Raising Sextuplets starring Brian and Jenny Masche’s 6 children.

Brian and Jenny Masche Talk About 'Raising Sextuplets'

A four-person crew has been filming the Masches for the new series since the kids were just a few months old. (It follows up on “OMG! Sextuplets!” — a documentary on Jenny’s challenging pregnancy that premiered a year ago, and re-airs just before the premiere of Raising Sextuplets).

“It ended up being a lot of fun,” says Jenny by phone, with her husband and their kids in proximity. “Around five days of each month, when the crew was around, we got a little break from the routine, we got to have some friends around _”

“_ and a few extra hands,” added Bryan gratefully.

Since the Masches admitted cameras into their world, other series about multiples have flourished: TLC introduced “18 Kids and Counting” and “Table for 12.”

The couple addresses the differences between their show and Jon and Kate plus 8, which has recently burst into a tabloid spectacle.

“At first, the Jon-and-Kate stuff made me scared,” Jenny acknowledges. “I was thinking, ‘Omigosh, why are we doing this?’ But then I started thinking, and praying, and I realized that so far it’s been a real blessing for us.”

She says during her pregnancy, she had gotten phone advice from Kate (whose sextuplets just turned 5). She calls the harsh publicity and marital discord plaguing the Gosselins “sad and heartbreaking.”

“We need to not only learn from others’ mistakes, but have some boundaries put in place, and pray for wisdom that we can stay strong and united,” says Jenny, who wed Bryan in 2004. “We really have to focus on our marriage — because it’s hard.”

WE tv President Kim Martin says “Raising Sextuplets” is different from its by-now-notorious predecessor because, quite simply, the Masches are a different family.

“Jenny and Bryan are grounded,” Martin says. “They are nice people raising six kids in a really healthy environment.” And they draw on a community of friends and extended family, she adds.

Whether or not the series continues for a second season, the Masches’ support system has been assigned to give them regular reality checks, says Jenny, to help insure TV exposure doesn’t lead the family astray.

“We don’t pretend to be high-and-mighty,” says Bryan, whose wife agrees: “We told everyone around us, `If you EVER see us going in a certain direction that isn’t right, hit us! Put us in our place!'”

The show premiere’s Thursday night at 10pm on WE TV with Bailey, Savannah, Cole, Grant, Blake and Molli celebrating their second Birthday.

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  • I think it is awesome but if they research the net and see this comment don’t be alarmed but i do hope you do not turn out to be another drama tv show like jon and kate plus 8 the babies you have is all you need anymore would be down right dumb.

    you guys look like a happy couple don’t turn out to be a jon and kate plus 8 wanna be’s . that would be humilating to all degrees!!!!

  • I saw the 1st show of “Raising Sextuplets” and was horrified! With all of your volunteer help, why are
    BOTH of you still so disorganized? Jenny, you create a great deal more work for yourself than is necessary! I can see that Brian may be a bit out of his element and it is easier for him to do whatever Jenny says and does, but that is hardly an excuse. What is this, slopping food directly on the table!?!
    These kids are old enough to be eating from a plate or bowl, and using a fork and spoon, even if a bit clumsy right now.

  • I can harldy believe anyone would be telling the two of you how to raise your beautiful sextuplets. I did see the first show when you were expecting the kids and your delivery. I admired you and your family. I cannot imagine how hard it would have been to have to be apart from one another during that time. And I did watch the first two episodes of your new show. PLEASE, do not listen to those sitting on the outside looking in. In my opinion you two just need to keep doing what works for you and your chldren. You are truly blessed and you know. You say it to each other and you say it to yourself. As long as you can focus on that, you know you’ll be fine. Not sure what scripture it is, but here is one I try to live by… if God is for us, who can be against us. God Bless all of you! I hope you had a wonderful 2nd birthday celbration with your children, family and friends. Peace, Melinda

  • Watching this show points out that Jon & kate were never normal. I never saw Kate hold and kiss her kids the way that Jenny does. Kate was so obsessed with keeping everything spotless that she never really had time to love the kids. It also shows that the Gosselin’s never had a real give and take two way relationship. It was all Kate giving orders and Jon taking them. Thse people also have a relationship with their families and it makes all of the difference.

  • Oh please people give it a rest with the Jon and Kate thing already. We only see a clip of whatever production companies allows us to see when they are done editing. You make it sound like they roll the camera and we sit and watch their every move all day long every day. We don’t, there are plenty of things we don’t see and know nothing about. kate hugs and kisses and plays with her kids. She does crafts and sings and dances with them.let’s face it those moments don’t make money! As for Jenny and Bryan. They show them disagreeing too. That’s life. That’s what husbands and wives do. I really don’t believe that ANY one else is in the position to give parenting advice if you ask me. Kids don’t come with manuals and all parents wing it from the very beginning. All kids are different, no parent is perfect and IF a mom wants to slap food on a table instead of putting it on a plate for her own kids in her own home then so be it. Mommy of 4 so I do know the trials of motherhood!

  • I am appalled that another show about sextuplets was created. The only reason why the show was made was so they can have more money to provide for the family so she can be a stay at home mom. I truely believe that in the end they will end of like jon and kate plus 8. Personally the show is pretty boring as they are like similiar replays of the episodes that aired on the show jon and kate plus 8. Jon and kate plus 8 was way better.

  • I do believe the one very obvious difference between this show and J&K plus 8 is that this family is VERY grounded, continue to work normal jobs, have normal fun activities (Jenny’s running), and friends and lots of family support. Above all, they appear to be quite connected and enjoy each other! I wish you all the best!

  • I love the show.Brian and Jenny seem loving towards one another as well as their children.You are far from what Jon and Kate are like, you have love and family in your life!as well as God. I hope you continue the show our family loves watching.

  • Where in the world are the out- of- controll-out of -this-world -totally-ADORABLE-MASCHE BABIEs!!!!!!!!! Not Fair to make us fall in love with all of these beautifully- NORMAL -acting- their- age- BABIES whose parents seem to be the REAL DEAL!!!Just trying to be one step in front of the pending chaos!!!Lets face it…we werent all meant to have all our eggs hatch at one time but what a totally exausting BLESSING to go through all of the terrible2,3,4,5,…all at once instead of the rest of us who continually have more and more babies and start over eachtime(now who sounds crazy?)BRING Back our Masche Family,Brian..hire staff,think pre-k? Show the world how important Dads are and hire help when you need it,so you can enjoy your time with your children-learn to say something as a team and stick to it NO MATTER HOW DARN CUTE THEY ARE!!say only what you mean,your children are smart dont let America think theyre smarter than you!!! The time will come when they are soon enough!!!!Jenny-keep up the good work! raising Babies,working as a Nurse,Raising a Husband and helping to get him through school,marathon Momma,whats next? The White House? Youve got the makings of a Public Office Holder!!!1st Bring your babies back to tv and make the world stop talking about j/kp8-they had their chance it wasnt the right time for them,maybe later Now is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!!!!

  • I say this comment with all due respect. But does anyone else see this?. Bryan is gay!! I really hope that their marriage works. I hope that it doesnt end up like jon and kate. I sincerely mean this. But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.. then, it is a duck. Guys, bryan is certainly gay.

  • I just pray they do not end up like the Gosselin’s. They are very, very different natured people, seem good natured, sense of humor, seem in love, not compulsive and miserable (like the Gosselin’s). Jon always seemed downright miserable….he was just going through the motions taking orders….Kate was yelling out orders…..but the Masche’s seem really happy “normal”…I pray it works out for them, I feel like they deserve it MUCH more then prima donna Katie-baby.

  • brian and jenny, love your show, but you all need t put up a gate at the stairs so they won’t fall down those in the morning after getting up and break a arm or a leg. other than that, you all are a cute couple with cute kids.

  • I enjoy watching Raising Sextuplets. I use to watch Jon & Kate, plus8, you know they had alot of help. I would like to know if Jenny and Bryan have alot of help now that they have moved. Do they have someone else with them all day helping or just them. It is great that the 2 of you have regular jobs, and not leaning on the show to make money. It is nice to see you guys work things out through the show.

  • I had the pleasure (?) of watching thee of these shows this past weekend. Brian is a “dick”,,he is not Jon Gosselin, he is the total opposite…how can Jenny put up with him? I see troubles down the road. If I had to hear him say “DUDE” one more time, or speak to Jenny in his brash, angry, disrespectful manner; I think I would have had a breakdown. I can’t believe that Jenny can put up with him….he is a “bully”. If he talks like this with cameras running–what is he like when they are off? I say-RUN, JENNY RUN!!!! FAST-BACK TO ARIZONA!!!

  • live in uk, daughter has twins would love a table like the sextuplets. cant find a supplier in uk. can anyone help?
    many thanks

  • Jenny said in an interview “We told everyone around us, `If you EVER see us going in a certain direction that isn’t right, hit us! Put us in our place!’”

    I hope someone hit Bryan really hard since he now has been arrested for domestic violence. You are going in the wrong direction and somebody needs to put you in your place!!!

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