British Couple Abandons IVF Twins After They Are Delivered The ‘Wrong Sex’

A British Couple comprised of a 59-year-old mother and 72-year-old father shocked everyone when the told horrified hospital workers they did not want the “wrong sex” babies immediately after the Caesarean section in the UK.

The babies were conceived in India with fertility treatment. After the procedure the pair returned to England for the birth.

The husband then asked how soon it would be before his wife could try IVF again in the hope of getting a boy to continue the family name.

Female babies are often abandoned in India for being the wrong sex.

The mother — one of Britain’s oldest— discharged herself against the advice of doctors who told her she should stay for more than a week after her operation.

This story shocks me.

Who goes through 40 weeks of pregnancy to abandon their babies minutes after delivery?

I guess someone forgot to tell this couple that you pick your friends not your family!

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  • …oh dear God… what HORRID PEOPLE!!

    …but u know as i read those first few lines the thought went thru my head that these ppl HAD to be indian bc in india the incidences of abandoning girl babies is UNBELIEVABLE! that is IF they even make it to term and are actually BORN… most are aborted… read the tragedy online – just google baby girls sex selection abortion india.

    what STUPID PEOPLE! My husband is from india and he has a real heart for this type of situation. We would LOVE to adopt some children from india, but the Hindu Nattionalist Party (BJP) has pretty much gotten it outlawed bc they don’t want the children to be adopted out to NRI’s bc they might raise them Christian or something else OTHER than Hindu! SO STUPID – who can possibly believe GOD stamps a “religion” onto children when theyre born?? A child may be INDIAN by BLOOD but hindu or muslim or christian or WHATEVER by faith! A child can be caucasian or african by blood but catholic or protestant or WHATEVER by faith! Born a Middle Easterner by blood but whatever by faith! And even at that – your FAITH is usually decided upon as an adult! Just sheer stupidity to deny innocent children loving homes and families in life bc of THAT! A child is not BORN into any religion! and even if they are born into a very “religious” family, when they grow up they will do as they please anyway, so the best anyone (or any GOVERNMENT) can do, is TRY to place them with wonderful, loving, committed parents that will work to raise them to be responsible adults in this world!

    That said, WHOEVER these children wind up with in life will CERTAINLY be BETTER than the miserable excuses for human beings that ABANDONED THEM!!

    So in the end we can ALL be thankful for THAT and take alittle comfort knowing they will be loved and WANTED by their adoptive parents!



    what i wouldnt LUV to give those SCUMBAGS a peice of my mind!!

    hopefully somewhere sometime they stumble upon this story and READ MY OTHER COMMENT!!

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