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Brooke Shields On The Cover Of Life

Life magazine has an interview with Brooke Shields where she talks about her postpartum depression, her beautiful daughters, marriage to Chris Henchy and her career.

Brooke, who was very open about her postpartum depression after giving birth to Rowan, said she didn’t have it after delivering Grier. She believes that her body was different biochemically because her second child was conceived naturally and not through IVF.

Here are some highlights of the interview.

On Postpartum Depression:

Depression is so smart—it uses all your references and patterns. From childhood, my MO was “Study until you can’t keep your eyes open, and you’ll get an A.” That’s what I did—I’d win the prize. [But with motherhood] I felt like I was getting F’s across the board. It was all so clear: [Rowan] wasn’t going to love me, I had to go away and not come back.

On her relationship with Tom Cruise:

I’ve known Tom since I was 15; he was in Endless Love. I don’t think I let anyone down by reconciling [with him]. I never changed my beliefs. I stand by what I wrote. So when Kate [Holmes, Cruise’s wife] called me herself to invite us to the wedding, it would have felt like a slap to say no. Our daughters were born the same day in the same hospital, so they’re connected too. We went because we’re friends, and it was an unbelievable event. And now we can go on with our lives.

On Her daughters:

Rowan has a sharp wit. She came out looking like a shark—she cased the joint. And Grier came out like “La-la-la!” With little fairies flying around her head. But I’m careful to not label them, because I don’t want to set them up as [those people]. But 24/7 with the kids? I don’t know how people do it. If my main job was just to be with the two of them, I would not be as effective. I would be short-tempered; I would be less appreciative. Like when they tell you how to play: “Be the princess, but not like that. Say this. No, say it this way.” After a while I’m like, “I don’t even have directors do that to me!” Some people just revel in it, and that’s beautiful. I revel in a different way.

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