Byler Bunch Karoline and Ben Byler Sextuplets

Byler Bunch Doing Well

Saturday night was a big evening in Florida. The state celebrated their first set of sextuplets born to Ben and Karoline Byler.

The five boys and 1 girl arrived Saturday evening, via c-section with the boys all coming out breach and the little girl head first.

Grandma, Sherry Anderson, would like to show of her new grandbabies, but no photos are to be released of the babies because of an exclusive agreement the family has signed with an entertainment show.

“The babies are just like perfect human beings,” She said. “When you look at them, the fingers and the toes, everything is perfect. They are like little people.”

When she first saw Brady, Eli, Ryan, Jackson, Charlie and Mackenzie, her eyes were immediately drawn to one body part.


“Their eyes are so precious,” Anderson said. “They are about the size of the end of my thumb. That caught my attention.”

Right now one baby, little Ryan, is in critical condition. Three others are in serious condition. Two more are in stable condition.

While I don’t agree with anyone having this many babies at once, I am glad that the babies were able to stay in the womb long enough for them to have a good chance.

It bothers me when I hear about exclusivity agreements because that always means that the family will benefit financially from the birth of their children.

MANY of our readers believe that if you undergo fertility treatments, it is your responsibility to support the number of children that result in the process.

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