Can Aspirin Help You Get Pregnant?

Could the trick that some women need to get pregnant be as simple as a daily aspirin routine? One study out of Utah suggests that taking aspirin could help you get pregnant.

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The Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction study conducted in the University of Utah may have found a link between pregnancy and aspirin. The study, which spanned 17 hospitals, found that women who took a low dose of aspirin had better chances of conceiving than those who did not. By looking at women who have had one or two pregnancy losses, the study hoped to find a secret to helping women with difficulties get pregnant and stay pregnant more easily.

“We’re finding we have very high success rates of pregnancy. Over 80 percent of the women in this study are becoming pregnant,” a researcher said. “We’ve had good outcomes and we’re hoping to show even better progress.”

The secret may be because aspirin opens up the blood vessels, which allows better blood flow. The increased blood flow to a woman’s reproductive organs makes her more hospitable to a fertilized egg. Researchers believe a daily routine of a low dose aspirin could help women who have trouble getting and staying pregnant finally achieve their goals.

The study is still ongoing, with participants still being accepted through the summer at the University of Utah. Any woman who has had a miscarriage is invited to participate.

For women elsewhere, taking a low dose aspirin each day could be enough to help with pregnancy. However, the researchers warn that women should consult their doctors before beginning any new drug regiment. – Summer, staff writer

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