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Can You Get Pregnant While Breast Feeding?

While breast-feeding your newborn, the last thought on your mind is that you may immediately become pregnant again. Many women assume that breast-feeding negates this possibility.

The fact is that the hormones associated with nursing may prevent the mother of a newborn from ovulating and getting pregnant if she is breast-feeding exclusively (the baby is not eating or drinking anything else) and at least one night-time feeding is involved.

Another good indication that a new mother will not get pregnant is that her periods have not started up again. Still, to be sure, it is a good idea for sexually active mothers to begin using a barrier method of contraception during the first six weeks after giving birth.

It was always believed that your were safe to not get pregnant while you were breastfeeding, but there are thousands of mothers out there with babies 9 months apart that would probably tell you different…


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