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The Perfect Addition To Any Playroom ~ Graphic Spaces Happy Tree

Handmade in a family woodshop, the Happy Tree bookshelf is a charming tree-shaped shelf with happy smile to delight children of all ages.


Kanga Room Cupcake Storage

How cute is this Cupcake Storage? This set of two storage bags are perfect for all sorts of items, including socks, hair ribbons, headbands, Legos, doll clothes, stuffed animals, art/craft supplies, school supplies, games, photos, belts. . .the list goes on and on! The bottom storage (Chocolate) zips closed. Sewn onto this is a draw […]


‘Tetris’ Fashioned Bookshelf

When I saw this book shelf all I could think of was my favourite video game…tetris! It fits together just like the exact pieces in the game. With wooden sides and a metal backing, the Tetrad Flat is a modular lightweight unit. Blocks can be attached to one another, to the wall or left free […]