Chinese Mom Credits The “three frozen” Fertilization Process For Pregnancy

Wang Hui is the third mother to undergo an experimental fertilization process called “three frozen” baby, which uses a test tube baby conceived with a frozen egg, frozen sperm, and a frozen embryo. The first “three Frozen” baby was born in Italy in 2004 and the second was born in Beijing in 2006.

As of December 09, 2010 her pre-natal check has indicated that her unborn child has developed normally with no complications thus far.

Hui’s fertilization treatment started a more than a year ago. Two previously frozen embryos were implanted into her womb in July 2008.

Yang Qing, an expert at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan City talks about how delicate the process is. “Unlike sperm and embryo freezing technologies which are comparatively mature, egg freezing is a cutting edge technology still at the experimental stage. Compared to sperm and embryos, eggs are fragile. They may perish during the freezing and thawing process”.

They are using a new technique called egg vitrification in the “three frozen” baby process in order to instantly freeze the eggs which causes less stress on the eggs and substantially increases the rate of survival.

Qing looks to future applications for the “three frozen’ baby procured and believes that the procedure has the potential to give young women suffering from cancer a chance to still conceive a child. This can be accomplished by freezing their eggs pre-chemo treatment.

Research is still being conducted to ensure that the “three frozen’ process is not hazardous to the health of the child.

“The rapid development of IVF is promising but we still encourage natural conception since the naturally conceived babies are more likely to be healthy”.

– Jeff, Staff Writer

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