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Cloth Diaper Trials: Kissaluvs

For the last 2 years I have been cloth diapering my son with a simple all-in-one system.

My all-in-ones recently stopped fitting my son properly, which caused me to look for another type of diaper.

For my trial, Kissaluvs sent me a diaper and some organic wash cloths. After seeing how soft they were, I went out and bought a few more diapers so that I could properly see if they were a good fit for our family.

Kissaluvs come in 2 styles – fitted and contoured. The ones we are trying are the fitted diaper with a cover.

As directed, I washed the diapers a couple times in a fragrance-free laundry soap. After the first 4-5 washes, you should have a good starting absorbency.

Even after washing the diaper a few times, I was surprised at how soft it stayed.

The cotton fleece is created by special mechanical and heat processes applied to top-notch terry. The deep pile Sherpa finish is thicker and nicer than most cotton fleeces, with no piling!

One of the things I like about this diaper is it’s ability to conform to any baby’s size. The snaps make it easy for the parents of a tiny baby keep the diaper tight or for it to fit a bit loose on larger babies.

This is big for us because many diapers don’t fit my tiny son.

Once on my son, the diaper wasn’t overly bulky, even with the cover on it. We didn’t experience any leaking and the diaper held it’s own during nap times, which tends to be a big pee time.

The poop factor: The one thing I hate about cloth diaper is poop. They always stick, don’t come out or stain. I have found that cleaning poop off of Kissaluvs not too bad. The fabric holds it but it doesn’t seem to get smooshed in – unless he sits down for a long period of time before I notice what he’s been up to.

The unbleached cotton fleece the diaper is made of helps reduce the appearance of stains and the fitted elastic area around the legs keeps anything from leaking out.

After the success we have had with Kissaluvs, we had added them to our diaper rotation. I am also testing out other brands, but this diaper has exceeded the others in comfort and fit.

The key to not having any leaks is to use a good cover. We are currently using a Bummis cover over our cloth diapers.

The fitted Kissaluv cloth diapers are reasonably priced at $11.50/ea. for unbleached and $12.50/ea. for coloured(pictured)

Cloth Diaper tips:

  • You should never use fabric softener’s, bleach or diaper cream when using cloth diapers
  • They should always be washed in hot water
  • The diaper that works for you may be different than the one that works for your child. Try a few brands before you commit to one type of diaper.
  • Some retailers will tell you that you need 24 diapers in order to stay fully stocked, I think that 12 is sufficient.


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