Cloth Diaper Trials

Cloth Diaper Trials Pt. 1

Before the baby was born I decided I was going to use cloth diapers. They are good for the environment, easier on the baby’s skin and always available.

There is a lady in town who has a company that makes the diapers in Canada. She is very knowledgeable and has been making diapers since her own children were small. They are fleece, come with an extra absorbency insert and a liner. Designed very well, you have the choice of snap or velcro.

Because our baby was so small when he came home, this cloth diaper didn’t fit. It was almost the same size as him and none of his clothes fit over top of it.

The gramma’s started bringing diapers as gifts, next thing you know I’m hooked on disposables and convenience.

I know that I should at least try cloth for a few days to see if it is comparable to disposable. It kills me to see the amount of waste disposable diapers create. Just getting into the routine is all I need.

On Friday morning the guilt got the better of me so I pulled out our cloth diaper, clipped in the insert, and put it on the baby. It was just before his nap so I thought I had better put the cover on as well just for safe keeping. What better time to try this thing out.

My gosh, the poor kid couldn’t move. He was so bulked down he couldn’t crawl or even sit. He looked like a snowman – each layer getting wider than the next. I was sad for him so I removed the liner so that he could at least move. Not bad, I thought…but still not comfortable. Well, he was going to sleep, we will see how he does.

A couple hours later he awakes feeling clammy, not wet but clammy. He appeared to have peed a few times and the moisture just stayed put. I’m not impressed. I will try again next week.

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