Cloth Diaper Trials

Cloth Diaper Trials Pt.2

So today I thought I would do some research into which kind of cloth diaper I would like to try next. Prefolds are not on my list. I need something that does up, preferably with velcro. I am not geronomo, I cannot make a piece of cloth fit over my sons bum without something leaking out.

Lets just say there are a ton of cloth diaper companies. All professing that they are they best, most comfortable and easiest to use. I must have sifted through 20 different sites all with many manufacturer’s of diapers, all shapes, sizes and colors. They all seem to look the same but are all somehow different.

My head was starting to hurt and I still hadn’t purchased anything.

I am trying not to make the same mistake with the diapers that I made while looking for the right baby bottle. I bought 5 or 6 bottles, some that angled, some that had unusual nipples, some with air thingys down the middle. The one he LOVES came from walmart for $1.87. I kid you not. The first time I put milk in it, he drank 4 ounces lickety-split.

My goal is to find a diaper that doesn’t leak, isn’t bulky and is reasonably priced.

You have the diaper, then the snap in extra-absorbent pad, the liner (for straining out pooh) and the cover. Hemp, fleece and unbleached cotton are the most common materials. Wool, acrylic, and micro fleece are usually used for the covers.

I don’t think I want to have to piece the diaper together, an all-in-one (pictured, right) is probably what I’m looking for. All-in-one’s have the cover sewn on to the front and the extra absorbency liner sewn into the inside. There are no extra pieces to assemble and nothing to slow you down when you have a squirmy baby. The big bonus will be that your husband will have no trouble changing the diaper if everything is already put together for him.

There is a second hand store close to our house and I may head down there and see if they have any diapers for sale. They sometimes have many different brands of diapers. It will give me the chance to try out something before I commit to buying a couple days worth of diapers. It’s not bad to buy second hand diapers…is it?

Picture #1, left Fuzbaby diapers
Picture #2, right Bumkins

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