Cloth Diaper Trials

Cloth Diaper Trials Pt.4

So it has been a week since we switched over to cloth diapers. We do not use them exclusively because I only have 5. I really wasn’t sure whether or not I liked the brand (Kushies all-in-one) I chose so I only bought enough for a day.

Since starting with the cloth diapers I have had a few issues. The first issue is my husband. He is not fond of the cloth diaper idea. He thinks that it is too much work. I think there is the perception of extra work because the diapers and the system are different. I am the one that is laundering the diapers and I am the one that uses them the most soo…. I am not sure where the extra work comes in.

The second issue is reliability. I don’t feel confident putting the baby in the cloth diapers overnight. I just don’t believe that they will keep him dry all night. When I change him during the day the diaper seems soaked after just a few hours. I have yet to try an overnight trial because I would be really mad with myself if he woke up wet and diaperashed.

My third issue is freshness. I can’t seem to get the diapers to smell fresh. I doesn’t matter what I soak or wash them in, they sometimes still smell like urine. I haven’t yet, but I want to use fabric softener. I know that I can’t use fabric softener. It is a no-no in the cloth diaper world. There is something in the softener that coats the fabric and makes the diapers less absorbent. It is just second nature that if you want something to smell fresh you throw in a bounce sheet. These diapers need a bounce sheet. I really want them to smell, at the very least, like nothing.

We are marching on though even through our issues.

Along with my negatives there have been a few positives. One is the way our son’s cloths fit with the diaper on. He is naturally thin so his pants normally just slide off of him. When he is wearing the Kushies most of his clothes seem to fit him better. They stay where there supposed to be. It’s nice because he can wear pants now instead of always being in his PJ’s.

I am still on track and adjusting to cloth diapers. It makes me feel good to know that we are contributing less to the garbage situation in Ontario. Some municipalities recycle diapers, but our is not one of them. I would definitely feel good if I knew the few diapers we were using – were being recycled….Maybe soon. I will keep you posted!!

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