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Columbian Doctors Use Hammocks To Help Premature Babies

Doctors in Columbia have been using an unusual way to help care for premature babies.

They are placing the infants in specially-designed hammocks measuring just 50cms in length to lie on while in the incubators.

Paediatricians, who have been using this technique two years, wanted to find a way to keep the babies on their backs, which makes it easier for them to breathe.

Dr Freddy Rodriguez, one of the doctors behind the scheme, said it has been used on dozens of babies so far.

He added: “We make the babies sleep longer which helps their growing and development.”

He also added that it was helping to reduce the risk of apnea, a common disease in premature babies which means they struggle to breathe properly.

The neat thing about this hammock is that is allows the baby to be bundled up tightly. It is a bit weird to watch though. The hammocks rock pretty good as the babies are being placed in them. Not sure how that would make them feel…

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