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Comfort & Fun ~ Mamas & Papas Lights and Sounds Lotty Playmat {VIDEO REVIEW}

Designed for babies from birth+, the Mamas & Papas Lights and Sounds Lotty is a cute, comfy playmat that has a lot of features for children of all developmental stages. Created in the shape of a lady bug, each section of Lotty’s body offers kids something new to do!

mamas & papas Lights & sounds Lotty

From birth, parents can lay their babies on their back and use the space as a cozy place where they relax and enjoy the critters moving around them.  The top of the mat is made from a fluffy fleece material that can be removed and machine washed if your baby spits up on it.

When infants are closer to three months they are able to bat at the toys that hang from the loops and see their reflection in the mirror that is attached to the middle of the arches.

mamas & papas Lights and sounds Lotty

As they get older Lotty’s head can be used for tummy time. It also crinkles and rattles when kids grab her antennae.

mamas & papas Lights & sounds Lotty - tummy time

mamas & papas Lights & sounds Lotty

Each one of Lotty’s legs plays music and sounds when kids press the music symbol, and when the orange pillow with the apple is activated, lights around the mirror flash in tune to the music.

mamas & papas lights and sounds lotty

As babies get older the arches on the set can be removed to allow them to use the mat as a sitting play space.

mamas & papas Lights & sounds Lotty - without its arches

The Mamas & Papas Lights and Sounds Lotty play mat is a sweet play space that is filled with fun activities for kids as we grow.  Please check out our video review of the space below.


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