Cool Preggo Video: How To Make A Baby

This is a very cute video!

I wonder where these people get the time and patience to film this throughout the pregnancy. I barely had the time to document my belly growing once every couple weeks.

Here’s how they did it:
The couple shot this video, frame by frame, with Raquel’s(the mom-to-be) Canon DSLR over a period of nine months.

The adapted a ‘What You Get Is What You Get’ policy instead of forcing themselves onto a brutal daily schedule. It meant they shot when they could simply shot whenever we felt like it, which ended up being about three or four times a month. Rather than try to get a single frame exactly right, they would shoot several frames of “coverage”, with both of them in various positions.

This scattershot approach turned out to have a nice side effect: the 360 or so frames of raw footage had hundreds of possible interpretations, depending on how you shuffled the frames.

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In the end, imovie mixed with some creativity created a neat short video with a cute baby as the finale!

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