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Could This Be The World’s Biggest Baby?

Meet Karan Singh(pictured right with his mom). At just 10 months old he weighs 48lbs and stands 3ft 2in tall, possibly making him the world’s biggest baby .

While his size may be a surprise to us, it isn’t to Karan’s mom. She is one of the tallest women in Asia at standing 7ft 2in tall.

‘People who don’t know us stare but Karan always wins them around with his smile,’ Svetlana Singh said.

‘He has a very jolly nature and has already started walking. The food he demands must give him extra energy because he is very strong.’

The parents, both doctors from Meerut, India, are proud of their size. Father Sanjay, who measures nearly 2m (6ft 6in), fell in love at first sight.

He added: ‘I was unsure if I would ever find a wife to match my height, but as soon as I met Svetlana I knew we would make a great couple.’

The unbelievable part of this story is that Karan’s parents feed him 20 TIMES a day!!

You have to worry is this is safe. His parents are both doctors and they think it’s ok to feed a 10 month old 20 times a day??

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