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Couple Welcomes Second Baby At Traffic Lights

A Christchurch couple got the drive of their lives when their little girl arrived while they were stuck at traffic lights on their way to hospital.

Clare Tyrrell called her husband Tim at work in Elkins boatyard on Christchurch Quay, Dorset, when she went into labour at about 2.30pm last Wednesday, September 10.

The couple, both 31 from Christchurch, set off to Poole Hospital thinking they had time after their other daughter Ruby, two, had to be induced after a 15-hour labour.

But her little sister Kate was in no mood to wait and she was born into the front seat footwell of their Peugeot 807 as they waited at temporary traffic lights.

Mr Tyrell said: “I came home from work and she was quite heavily in labour and started contractions but her waters hadn’t broken. “We left home at about 3.30pm. The traffic was heavy because of the schools.

“Just before we got to Poole Hospital there were some temporary traffic lights and she said she could feel the head. She put her hands down and the baby came out. She stood up the wrong way round at the traffic lights, gave a push and out came the baby.”

Kate arrived weighing 5lbs 3ozs and mother and daughter are due home today.

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