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Couple Wins Right To Name Son Lego

A Swedish couple has won the right to name their baby son Lego after a legal battle.

Couples in Sweden have previously run into trouble with officials over the names Ikea, Veranda, Metallica and the use of Elvis for a girl.

The Swedish Administrative Court of Appeals has now overruled an earlier decision to stop a couple naming their child after the brightly coloured plastic building blocks.

In Swedish law, offensive, unsuitable or inappropriate names are all forbidden, as well as names that could embarrass the people they are given to.

Lego’s was just the latest in a series of cases in which the tax authority or County Administrative Court have questioned unusual names for youngsters.

I just don’t understand why a parent feels the need to go SO outside of the box when naming their baby.

They obviously forget how cruel kids are on the playground…

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