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CPR Teddy

This is an item most people should have on hand if they have small children.

CPR Teddy is a gentle reminder to practice your choking rescue and CPR skills at home. You can also use CPR Teddy to review your babysitter’s skills before leaving your child in his or her care. CPR Teddy complies with the newest Guidelines for CPR. Squeeze his a paw to hear an audio review of Infant (0-1 year) or Child (1-8 years) choking rescue steps and the steps for CPR.

A bright red heart on the bear’s chest indicates where to compress the chest. Red and green lights in the bear’s bow tie indicate if you are pressing the correct depth or if you’re pressing too hard or too soft. A metronome clicks in the background to pace your compressions, and a disposable mask and air bag allow you to “see the chest rise” as you practice rescue breaths.

CPR Teddy also includes a free instructional DVD on CPR, Choking Rescue, First Aid, and tips for Childproofing Your Home & Car taught by a nationally recognized CPR instructor and reviewed by physicians and experts from across the country. You can purchase a CPR Teddy kit which includes one bear, one disposable mask and airbag, one instructional DVD, and one wallet-sized reminder card for $59.95 at Additional masks and DVD’s are available online

CPR Teddy was also named “Oustanding Product of 2006” by Iparenting media awards. It is definitely worth looking into.

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