Craft Thursday with Lisa Lopez: Handmade Fairy Tiara and Magical Wand

Kid’s love playing dress up. Girls especially love dancing around and pretending to be fairy princesses. It is so easy to make your very own tiara and magic wand and kids will love creating these and making them special and unique.

fairy craft lead photo

The items you will need:

  • pipe cleaners
  • various ribbons
  • embellishments such as sequins and flowers
  • hot glue
  • tulle
  • wooden dowel about 18 in. long
fairy craft items you need

For the Tiara:

Step one: take your pipe cleaners and for a child’s head, 2 should be fine. If not, measure the head to see how many you will need to connect. You will then connect them together by just twisting them as I have shown.

fairy craft tiara step 1

Step two: Take your tulle and cut it into a rectangular shape as long or short as you want. Gather some at one end.

fairy craft tiara step 2

Step three you will tie the tulle in a knot to the tiara.

fairy craft tiara step 3

Step four: You will have tied on 3 pieces of tulle.

fairy craft tiara step 4

Step five: Tie on various ribbons to the tiara

fairy craft tiara step 5 (2)

Step six: Embellish with flowers etc, by hot gluing them to the tulle

fairy craft tiara step 6

For the wand:
Step one: Take your wooden dowel and put a dab of glue at the top to secure the ribbon then wrap the ribbon down the dowel until the whole thing is covered.

fairy craft wand step 1

Step two: using a stencil of a star trace 2 star shapes onto your felt then cut them out.

fairy craft wand step 2

Step Three: Glue your felt to the dowel on both sides then you can put sequins or whatever you choose.

fairy craft wand step 3

And there is your wand.

fairy craft completed wand

These would be great at themed birthday parties. You could have tables set up where guests can make their own and then take them home. Whatever you choose, have fun playing pretend and have a magical time doing so.

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