Crappy Parents Shaken Baby Syndrome

Crummy Parent Alert: ‘Baby Gymnastics’ Youtube Video

This video was sent over to me by one of my readers and it is so appalling that I could only get through the first 30 seconds.

While I am sure the ‘baby gymnastics’ are funny to this dad now – he many not be laughing so hard when his child dislocates his arms or is brain damaged from being flung around.

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Thank you Barb for sending this over!

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  • This person needs to be arrested for child abuse! This is absolutely shocking! I can’t beleive this man is doin this to that child! He doesn’t deserve to have or even hold a child let alone swing them around like that. As a parent I would press charges against anyone who ever did this to my child. Child are precious little things, not play toys to be slung around, abused, or hurt. This video makes me sick. I hope that this video gets into the right hands and that man is prosecuted for the things he’s done to that baby.

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