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Cybex Steps Up The Infant Seat Game With The Cloud Q! {VIDEO Review}

Debuted at the ABC Kids Expo in 2014, the Cloud Q infant car seat by Cybex was awarded 2 innovation awards in the first 2 weeks it was revealed. Now available in the U.S., the Cloud Q is definitely a game changer for the infant car seat market, and it is currently the best seat available in the United States for newborns.

Not only does this seat offer your newborn some of the best protection during a crash than any car seat on the market, it can be transformed to be used for a sleeping baby outside of your vehicle as well.


Designed for babies from 4lbs to 35lbs or 30″, the Cloud Q also comes with an 11-position headrest that is integrated with the 5-point harness, so when you adjust the headrest upwards, the seat pad and harness automatically lengthen.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat

This means parents don’t have to re-thread the harness through the back of the seat every time their child grows, which is a huge time saver. The Cloud Q also comes with a removable pad to keep babies comfy, and in place when they are smaller.

The seat itself features 3 levels to protect your child against crash forces. The Telescoping Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) is a bar that pops out to transfer the first forces of an impact to the car seat’s shell, which is the second level of protection.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat review

The seat is lined with EPS foam, as is the head rest.  Parents should note that only one LSP bar should be extended at a time, and it is the one closest to the door.  If your child is riding behind the driver, the left LSP bar should be extended, and if they are behind the passenger, the right LSP bar should be opened.

For sunny days, the sun canopy on the Cybex Cloud Q infant car seat is massive and it provides your child with UVP50+ sun protection. It can be locked in place for windy days and tucks away neatly into the visor.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat review

Unique from any other seat on the market, the Cloud Q can also be reclined into a flat position when not in the car for a sleeping baby. We’ve all had a little one fall asleep in the car during a trip home. But, it’s not safe for them to sleep in that position. With just a flip of the lever on the back of the shell,  the whole seat reclines, much like a stroller seat and your baby now has a more comfortable sleeping space that allows them to lay in a more natural position.

While parents are NOT able to use the car seat in this position when they’re driving, the Cloud Q can be attached to a stroller frame when it is in both the reclined and upright positions.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat on Priam frame


The Cloud Q was designed to be installed into your vehicle many different ways. The base comes with an install guide that is printed right on to the back to act as a reminder if you are moving the base between vehicles.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat review - bas instructions

*Please note that once installed the base stays in the vehicle and only the car seat is removed when you are taking your baby in and out of the car. *

Parents choosing to install the base using their car’s seat belt or the frame’s LATCH connectors will like that the base has a belt tensioning plate to ensure that you have a tight install. The base also comes with a red and green indicator to give parents a visual gauge as to whether or not the seat is sitting at the right position.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat review - bas instructions

Parents who live in urban areas or those who are traveling can use the seat without the base with the European Belt Path. For more information about this install, please visit the Car Seat Blog.

One of my favorite features of the base is the load leg. Tucked under the base, this leg is lowered onto the floor and secured to add stability to the seat and limit rotation in the event of a collision.

CYBEX Cloud Q infant Car Seat review - load leg installed

As a new parent, purchasing the gear you will need to keep your baby safe and comfortable can be overwhelming.  Car seat safety should be your number one concern and it is always my top recommendation for premium products.  The Cybex Cloud Q offers more safety features than any safety seat on the market so it should be high on your list of seats to consider when planning for your baby’s homecoming.


  • Usage: Birth to 35 lbs, or up to 30” tall
  • Retail price: $449.95
  • Weight (without base): 13.9 lbs








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