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Step Out In Style With The Cybex Priam! {Video Review}

One of our favorite gear companies, Cybex, has entered the luxury market with the introduction of the Priam. Designed to suit many different lifestyles, the Priam offers something for everyone!

Cybex Priam Lifestyle

Out of box parents need to pop on the wheels, the canopy and the shopping basket.  The whole process is easy to do, and we were out the door in less than 20 minutes.

From birth parents have the option of using the stroller’s frame with the Cybex ATON infant seat, the Priam Bassinet or the stroller’s seat.

Cybex Priam stroller with bassinetAton Q infant seat with Priam stroller

Cybex offers two stroller seat options; the Lux seat and the 2-in-1 Light seat.  The Lux seat comes with an additional seat insert for more comfort and padded shoulder rests.  Parents who chose to go with the 2-in-1 Light seat will also get the Carry Cot, which comes ready to go for a newborn. When baby is bigger you take the fabric of the Carry Cot off, and with easy Velcro/snap method install it on the Seat, creating the 2-in-1 Light stroller seat.

Cybex Priam 2-in-1 stroller seat

We chose the Lux seat and love the level of comfort it provides for kids.  Cybex uses a twill fabric for their seat and canopy that is both soft and sophisticated.  We have the navy version of the stroller, and we love the contrasting dark and light blues that Cybex has incorporated into the seat design.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - lux seat

The Lux seat has a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to 2 heights using a buckle that toggles between the 2 positions.  Perfect for a sleeping baby, the seat reclines completely flat, and can be adjusted to 3 positions – either the facing you or facing out.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - flat recline position

The seat also includes a 3 position foot rest with a leather-like bottom that can be wiped out if your child has dirty shoes.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - foot rest

The seat on the Priam sits up high, which is nice for parents who want to keep their kids at eye level or for those who want to use the seat right up to the table. It also comes with a leather-like bumper bar that can be pivoted on either side.

To protect your child against the elements, Cybex includes a very generous canopy that zips out for more coverage.  The additional canopy also includes a peekaboo window and the whole hood has an SPF of 50 to further protect your child on sunny days.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - canopy extended

Underneath the stroller Cybex has added a spacious, covered shopping basket that is accessible from the back of the stroller.  I really like this shopping basket.  It is big enough to hold a large diaper bag, plus extra items for a day out.  It also has a magnetic closure and snaps to keep everything sealed while you are out.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - shopping basket

As part of their customization Cybex offers three sets of wheels for the Priam. Parents who are just looking to use the stroller at the mall, park or for school runs may like the light wheels, while those who hit the trails on occasion would probably do better with the trekking option like the ones we have. Suburban parents or families who live in the country may prefer the all terrain wheels that offer a smooth and comfortable ride on bumpy surfaces.

Cybex Priam wheel choices

The trekking stroller comes with 7.5″ wheels in the front and 11.5″ wheels in the back, which gives in a very smooth push over a variety of terrains. As expected it does the best over smooth pavement, but also moves across gravel and grass as well.

Regardless of the wheel configuration you chose, the stroller can also be converted into a two wheel configuration for going up stairs or travelling across soft surfaces like beach sand.

Cylex Priam 2 wheel configuration

To accommodate parents of different heights, the Priam‘s handle bar is adjustable to three heights. This is done by pressing both the buttons on the handle together and moving the bar up the frame. The mechanism is much like the one you see on suitcases.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - handle bar

To pack it up all you need to do is fold the seat forward, adjust the handle bar down to its very lowest position an pull up a bit to get the wheels to fold in. The stroller doesn’t have a frame lock but it will stand on its own if you pull the front wheels out ever so slightly to create a ‘v’.

CYBEX Priam Stroller - folded

There is also a bar on the back that can act as a handle to help you load the stroller into your vehicle easier.

To accommodate families of all lifestyles Cybex offers quite a few accessories for the Priam. My favorite, however, is the SKIIS!! We’ve all tried to push as stroller through a foot or two of snow on a Winter day and it’s not fun. We have never seen skiis offered as an option for a stroller, but it’s genius!

Cybex Priam on Skiis

You can also get an umbrella, cupholder, foot muff and toddler board.

cybex priam accessories

Cybex has done a great job of designing a stroller that can go almost everywhere you do. Unless you have a really good travel bag, I wouldn’t personally travel with it. It’s too beautiful, and it would be heartbreaking if the gorgeous silver frame was scratched or the leather-like handle ripped by a baggage handler who just didn’t care.

For a full run through of the stroller, please check out our video below!



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