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Czech Babies Switched At Birth To Be Switched Back Next Week

In October we reported on 2 families in the Czech Republic that recently discovered that the baby each was raising was not their own.

The infants, who were mistakenly switched at birth, were born at the same hospital, on the same day – just 18 minutes apart.

It wasn’t until one of the father’s secretly had a DNA test done, after noticing the child looked nothing like him or his wife, that the couple realized that their baby was not theirs. They tracked down the other couple, informed them about the switch and then heartbreak ensued.

While having difficulties coming to terms with the new information, one of the moms had said she wasn’t returning the baby she had been raising.

At that time she said:

“She is my daughter. I cannot look at her in any other way. I cannot imagine separating from her.”

The good news is that ABC News Updates the story saying:

For the last few weeks, the girls have been spending time with their biological parents, several days at a stretch.

“It’s an attempt for a permanent solution,” the father of one of the girls, Libor Broza, was quoted as saying.

The parents agreed to swap their daughters and discussed several dates for their return, including the girls’ first birthday, Dec. 9, or New Year’s Day.

They finally decided to swap the babies next Monday – possibly for good – on the advice of a psychologist, the Lidove Noviny daily said.

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