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Dad-To-Be Trades Right to Name His Baby for $100 Gas Card

Well you know that things are tough at the pump when a dad-to-be trades the naming rights to his unborn son for a $100 gas card.

David Partin recently heard that a local radio station was giving $100 worth of free gas to the listener who called in with the most interesting item to trade. Central Florida radio hosts Richard Dixon and J. Willoughby were quick to take Partin up on his offer.

When the baby is born this winter, he will be named Dixon and Willoughby Partin — with the “and” included.

Partin’s girlfriend, Samantha, says at least her son will have an interesting story about how he got his name.

Dixon and Willoughby plan to be at the hospital when the baby is born and will hand over the gas card when they see the official birth certificate.

$100?? Really?? What is this dad thinking? His poor son now has to go through life with this ridiculous name because his dad got $100!!!



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  • The parents are absolute idiots for letting two radio freaks name their child. For $100.00. The radio dj’s are morons for cursing this poor child with their ridiculous names. Here’s an idea. Get a job and earn $100.00 and leave your kid out of it.

  • thats my cousin. yeah and its odd now because the baby is ganna be a girl. but i gotta love them. i cant wait for the baby to be here. & chris oh well about the name it ant ur child now is it no!

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