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Dannielynn The Covergirl

Dannielynn Birkhead lands herself on the cover of US Magazine this week.

She will be celebrating her first birthday in Kentucky next weekend so US did a piece on her journey so far.

Dannielynns personality is starting to evolve more as she gets older. Larry’s family says that she is showing that she gets her sense of humour from her mom.

While in a restaurant recently Larry recounts that

“she looked around at the table and grabbed this big Alaskan crab leg off my plate and started swinging it around, making all of these crazy noises. Everyone in the restaurant was laughing.”

On her new skills:

“She’s got all these new teeth and she’s gotten fabulous with her crawling. She’s very fast. She’s trying to get up on one knee to stand.”

On Larry Dating:

“My only dates are to the toy store. People always say, after dating Anna Nicole, how could you? I really haven’t had time to grieve, so thinking about dating is tough for me. It’ll come in time, but for now my daughter is the only lady in my life. ” His sister added that Larry doesn’t have much of a social life. Maybe when things calm down, maybe he can move on”

This photo was taken not long after Dannielynn’s arrival.

Dannielynn cruises around in her Push Around Buggy by Step 2.

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