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Dannielynn With Her Dad In Kentucky

Miss Dannielynn Birkhead has been through a whirlwind since her mom’s untimely death. Now that Larry Birkhead has proven that he is her biological father and the judge has granted him custody, maybe this little girl will now be able to have some stability in her life.

Access Hollywood has the exclusive shots of Dannielynn’s homecoming. As she sat contentedly on her father’s lap, the Birkhead clan – sister, brother, parents, niece and nephews – gathered in the family room, chatting about the events of the past, the challenges that lay ahead and the love and support they have for each other.

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  • So glad your home. Thank God that she has alot of people that love her so much. Her mother and brother are missed very much.God love you for comming up to the plate to fight for you and Anna’s Little Angel : ) In God’s Name My Dearest Brother.
    Alway’s Me : )

  • Larry,
    I pray that ya’ll are enjoying the flowers that have alot of Anna’s favorite colors in it.I know DannieLynn will just LOOK at the colors I hope it’s beautiful and a Suprise along with being home. Just know that someone is praying for the two of you along with Howard being alone. I hope that you will let her still be in his life. I know that you have a heart and would not be heartless when he took good care of DannieLynn and tried to take the best care of Anna but we both know that Anna was going to be Anna she was a very thoughtful woman but just didn’t know what to do in some situations so Howard did the best he could to carry out her wishes and so have you and that just goes out to show just how much she meant to the 2 of you. One thing is SHE IS ONE MISSED WOMAN. I loved that she had so much life in her and it’s so hard to believe that she’s not with us but we have a lifetime of memories of her. It’s so sad her “Mother” couldn’t have been a part of her life when she was alive but instead we see what’s she’s trying to do now that she’s gone,so,so sad. Just remember what Anna said about her and that she wouldn’t be around Dannielynn….. Lets keep Anna’s wishes and I know you will. Thank God she had you and Howard to help take care of her when she would let ya’ll.

  • she ismost beautiful baby i’ve ever seen just like her mommy was! she is truly beautiful. So GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK!!!!

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