Deadbeat Parents

Deadbeat Parents Website Launches

I LOVE this website!!! There are many parents out there that rely on their former partners contribution to make sure their bills are paid. The Ontario Government has ‘taken the bull by the horns’ and I think it’s a great idea.

It’s a move the Ontario government hopes will shame parents not paying child support into action.

The Good Parents Pay website ( launched with photographs of and personal information about 18 men who reportedly have not paid their former spouses to help raise their children.

It’s estimated the province’s ‘deadbeat’ parents owe about $1.3 billion in all.

Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur has said the Ontario government could garnish debtors’ salary or take away their passport, but only if they’re located. The minister contends the embarrassment factor is already working.

“We already had two people who called to say, ‘Don’t put my picture up, I’m going to pay,'” she said.

The site will reportedly feature 25 parents at a time and the information will stay in rotation for three months, or until they agree to pay.

Most of the individuals listed on the site are thought to live in the province, but some may be in the United States or other countries, in at least one case as far away as Iran.The Family Responsibility Office, which helps enforce the court-ordered payments, has about 188,000 active cases, some of them more than a decade old.



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