Deglingos Raggedy Stuffed Animals

Raggedy, unusual stuffed animals are currently very popular with kids and parents.I am not sure if the appeal comes from the ugly, yet cute nature of the animals or the soft mismatched fabrics, but whatever it is, new species of these creatures keep popping up all over.

I found these stuffed cuties called Deglingos at Bright October.  They look like they have been made from old suits and pants.

The adorable dolls/animals are made in France. Over 50 different kinds of strings and fabrics have been used to create the collection.

Like any good product, apparently there are people ‘knocking off ‘ these bears ( a teddy bear?)…so the company has this disclaimer on their website:

6 different characters available at for $39.99

Made for kids 3+ due to use of small strings that may cause choking in younger infants.

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