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Designer Clothes For Your Baby

Recently, when I have been out shopping, I noticed that there is more designer clothes out there for kids and even babies. Years ago, if you were going to splurge on a gift for a baby you would go to The Gap. Now the stakes have been raised and the choices for a designer baby are endless.

When I was little the standard kid fare was at Sears. Now the place to be is Holt Renfrew Baby where you can get Baby Dior, Burberry (pictured, top right, sweater $85 U.S.), Diesel and Ralph Lauren (pictured,middle right Layette 146.25U.S.). Many high end fashion houses are launching baby fashion lines for their fashionista mommies. My only question is…What do you do with your $75 sleep when your child throws up all over it and you can’t get the stain out??

I recently attended a party where a lot of the children were wearing name brand clothes. They had been educated enough in fashion to know that their dress came from Burberry and the shoes from Browns.

At this point are the clothes more from the kids or for the adults?

I’m all for my son looking good, he looks great everyday – he’s a baby. It almost takes no effort because as soon as he smiles your no longer looking at the outfit and more at the baby. My favorite brand of sleeper comes from Costco for $8.49. Sears also make sleepers that wash up nice. I do occasionally shop at The Gap for “special pieces” like extra cute jackets and nice onesies.

While I was pregnant, I drooled over a blanket I saw at Dior (pictured top left, sleeper $115 U.S.) while in NYC on a shopping spree. I quickly realized that my $375 blanket could be ruined quickly if I didn’t wash it properly. Not to mention the fact that I could outfit the baby for a year with the money I spent on one blanket!!

I have been noticing more lately that I don’t seem to get as frustrated if a $10 sleeper gets a stain. If I had of paid more for it things would probably be different.

We have been lucky because our son has been getting good use out of all of his clothes. Due to the fact that he was a micro-preemie he doesn’t grow quickly. He is growing…but slowly. He has just graduated out of 0-3, which he had been wearing for about 8 months. All of the clothes we have, have paid for themselves many times over, so we may be good candidates for the expensive stuff.

The bottom line is that having a few nice outfits for special occasions is appropriate, needing to always have designer clothes on your kids is a waste. They don’t know the difference between a pair of jeans from Old Navy and a pair of “sevens”(pictured, for toddlers $172 U.S.). You will though when they rip them or forget them at school after soccer practice!

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