Did You Get A ‘Push Present’ After Delivering Your Baby?

The ladies on ‘The View’ were talking pregnancy and new moms receiving ‘push presents’ yesterday.

In the last few years, I have been surprised to hear how many new moms are gifted jewelery or other luxury gifts after delivery.

If new dads think that a bouquet of flowers will cut it. They are in for a surprise. Nowadays, many husbands are expected to buy expensive presents to thank their wives for dealing with pregnancy and “pushing” through labor.

Push presents, which are usually jewelry have gained popularity in the last few years. It just took one new mother to get such a gift, her friends embraced the trend and then passed the word on to their hubbies.

The tradition of husbands giving their wives gifts to commemorate the birth of a baby has some longstanding cultural roots. In England (search), the man is expected to buy the woman an elegant ring. In India (search), a husband bestows a set of gold jewelry upon his wife — offering more elaborate baubles for boy babies than girls. And recently, some of those customs have made their way over to the U.S.

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