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DNA Tests Reveal Alfie Patten Isn’t Baby’s Dad

DNA tests have revealed that the 13-year-old boy Alfie Patten is not the father of a baby born to a 15-year-old he had unprotected sex with once.

Chantelle Stedman told Alfie Patten, whowas 12 when he slept with her, he was her newborn daughter Maisie’s father.

The story caused a worldwide media frenzy, while politicians criticized what they called Britain’s declining morals.

At first the new mom said Alfie was the only boy she had ever slept with, but soon after other teens came forward saying they too could be the baby’s father, because they claimed to have had sex with the girl.

Last month a friend of the Stedman family claimed Alfie was scammed by the girl’s parents who wanted to cash in on the sensational story.

This is very sad for this 12-year-old and his family. This poor kid stood by this girl during her pregnancy and even stayed over at her house to help out with the baby.

What a whole lot of stress for no reason…

It is still not clear who the baby’s father is.

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  • The parents will be relieved but Archie will be heartbroken for quite a while.
    When he’s older lets hope he realises he had an extremely lucky escape and maybe he’ll be more responsible in the future too.
    I still think they should both have a warning from someone in authority for having underage sex.

  • Whew! This is such a relief. I actually thought that 8 year old boy-sorry, 13 year old boy-could actually produce semen. That makes me happy to hear that it was only a hoax. And also, Catherine, I hope you realize his name is Alfie, not Archie.

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