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Doctors Calling For A Ban On Smoking In Cars Carrying Children

In order to prevent young lungs from the dangers of second-hand smoke, Canada’s doctors are calling for a nation-wide ban on smoking in all vehicles carrying children.

The recommendation won resounding support Wednesday at the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) annual general meeting.

“The risk of second-hand smoke is quite clear to everyone in this room,” Ottawa doctor Atul Kapur said. “There are few areas where children are still exposed; however, one of them is vehicles.

“They don’t have a choice about whether to be exposed or not and because of the concentrated atmosphere and the enclosed space, the risk is much higher.”

“This is a child protection issue,” said Sandra Luscombe, a pediatrician from St. John’s, adding later in an interview that a law would also be educational and would be no more difficult to enforce than those requiring seat-belt usage and prohibiting drivers from talking on cell phones.

I still pass cars on the road where both parents are smoking with young kids in the backseat.

You sometimes wonder what people are thinking…



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  • I am a smoker and NEVER in a million years would I light up one in the car. I don’t even smoke in the car at all because Ashton will be in there.

    I was out about a month ago with Ashton and I was getting him out of the car into his stroller. I noticed across from me a van that when they opened the doors smoke came pouring out. There was TONS of smoke. Next thing you know the two younger girls that had got out went around to the side and unloaded their kids. Three of them. One was about two years old and the others were babies! I was absolutely disgusted…what the heck are people thinking?!?

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