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Doctors Don’t Always Get It Right…

I have heard stories similar to this one so many times.

A couple were advised to abort their unborn child amid fears he would be severely disabled — but he was born healthy.

Heather O’Connor, 19, and Jamie Bramley, 24, from Stockport, were told by St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, that scans indicated part of baby Jake’s brain could be missing. But after seeking a second opinion the couple continued with the pregnancy.

The Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Trust said it would “not actively recommend or dissuade” patients from choosing a termination.

This really is a catch 22. Expectant parents can only trust what their doctor tells them about their baby’s development.

Some parents are strong enough to continue on with the pregnancy even though they have been told that there may be a problem and I respect that.



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