Doctors Perform C Section On Mom, Only to Find She Wasn’t Pregnant!

In an unbelievable story that could have been written for a satirical movie, two North Carolina doctors are under review after a patient was induced, given an epidural and then opened up for delivery just to find that she wasn’t pregnant.

Dr. Gerianne Geszler, who was in charge at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center the night of the incident, told a local television station that several doctors examined the woman before the attempted C-section.

An intern did an ultrasound before the surgery but couldn’t find a heartbeat. It was at this time that the patient convinced doctors to induce her.

Soon after opening her up they discovered that she wasn’t expecting doctors and quickly closed the woman’s incision.

After the incident came to light The North Carolina Medical Board issued the doctors a letter of concern, stating,

“you attempted to perform a Caesarean section delivery on Patient A after a failed attempt at induction of labor … and at the time of surgery, it was discovered the patient was not pregnant.”

The patient was determined to have suffered from pseudocyesis, which is the medical term for false or hysterical pregnancy. A person suffering from this may often have all the same signs and symptoms as a person who is actually pregnant, but there is no fetus.

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