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Doctors To Remove Feet From Baby’s Bum

Eight-month-old Faith Mwampe from Zambia is set to undergo a potentially lifesaving operation to have the feet of an unformed twin protruding from her buttocks removed.

Faith Mwampe

While she was expecting, Faith’s 18-year-old mother, Mercy Lenganji, had an ultrasound revealed she was expecting twins.

After just one baby arrived, Zambian doctors allegedly labeled her condition as so shocking they hid her from her mother for two hours after birth for fear she would go into shock.

“They put Faith in an incubator as is the procedure with all babies born with deformities in Zambia, and only then was I allowed to see my child,” Mercy said, adding that she loved her baby unconditionally.

But the UK tabloid The Sun reports that when her father first set eyes on his daughter, he walked straight out of the ward, and out of her life for good.

The baby will now have to undergo a five-hour surgery that is deemed very risky. Without it, doctors fear she will be unable to walk or lead a normal life.

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