Baby Furniture X-crib

Does This Crib Fit Your Style?

Designer John Greg Ball is expecting his first baby in May. When thinking about his first newborn, environmental design, and design’s influence on all of us- beginning the moment we are born. He designed this crib call the x-crib. This is his way of creating options for expecting parents to find good creative design.

I think that this crib is colourful and fun, but is not practical at all. It is important to be able to see you baby from any place in the room so that you can always make sure that they are safe. From the baby’s perspective, this crib may be scary to them because of the lack of light and ability to see what is happening around the room. John’s child, if he chooses to use this design for him/her, may feel trapped and probably won’t sleep well.

I did an article last year on many choices of cribs out ther for new parents. Check out the post if you are in the market for a crib.


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