Does Your Toddler Have A Business Card?

Last year we wrote about the cool idea of having mommy cards. They are a great way to give another parent your info quickly if you have just met or someone you have lost touch with.

Now I hear that 2 year olds are keeping their diaper bags stocked with their own cards to give to new friends so that they can keep in touch.

When Juliet Passante, 35, moved from the Upper West Side to Westfield, N.J., the cards eased the transition. “When you’re a mom in a new neighborhood, it’s kind of like dating again. You have to meet new friends, and there’s all these cliques. But with cute colorful calling cards, it kind of sets you apart.”

She passes out cards for her 20-month-old son, Matthew, that read “Let’s Make a Playdate.” She heard about the half-pint calling cards from a popular parenting blog,

“The other moms think it’s so cool,” said Passante. “I look like a little super-mommy, which is good in way. It’s a really fun, funky thing.”

One seller, says sales of its colorful cards have increased 300 percent in the past year.

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