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Dr. Phil Supports Lynn Spears

I have to admit that I think that the media has been really hard on Lynn Spears this week after OK Magazine revealed that her youngest daughter, Jamie Lynn, 16, was 12 weeks pregnant with her first child.

Being the stand up guy that he is, Dr. Phil has spoken out about his respect for Lynn and her dedication to being a good mom.

He was quoted as saying that:

his friend is “troubled right now” but is “really looking for the positives in this.” As her daughters live under the glare of public scrutiny and criticism, Lynne has “her feet squarely and solidly on the ground.”

His wife Robin goes on to say that:

“They’re a very strong, close-knit family. They’re relying on each other.” And with her book recently put on hold, Lynne is also drawing strength from her faith. “I talked to Lynne yesterday and she said they’re turning to prayer, asked that I pray for them. That’s how they’re going to get through it.”

This situation could happen to any parent out there. It just isn’t possible to be with your kids 24 hours a day.

If they are going to have sex they will, whether you are in the next room or never home. You just hope that at that point they remember all of the things you taught them about being safe and protecting themselves.

Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend more than likely thought that this couldn’t happen to them and they were wrong.

I just hope that other teens her age have learned from this situation



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