Shaken Baby Syndrome

Dropping Babies From Atop The Temple: Religious Practice or Child Abuse?

I came across this article today that describes a religious practice done in India to fulfill a vow and to also seek divine blessings to ensure good health for the child.

A priest goes to the top of the temple, takes a baby into his hands, chants a few mantras and hurls the baby down more than 15 feet. The baby has a safe landing in the net provided by a handful people on the ground.

The article then goes on to say:

Very few babies thus thrown down get injured. For a safety net by way of blankets is offered to cushion the impact of the fall. In a stray incident, an infant missed the blanket narrowly and landed on the ground with a mild thud. The baby suffered minor injuries.

Is this for real? Who would actually think that it is safe to throw a baby more than 15 feet into a net? Couldn’t this also have the same effect as shaken baby syndrome? With their heads bouncing off the net?
On a positive note: This year, 84 babies were dropped and all landed safe.

No word on any long term effects…

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